Ettles an Principles

This Scots translation is based on an outdated version of the Aims & Principles which will be updated.

1. The Anarchist Federation is an organization o revolutionary cless fecht anarchists.  Oor ettle is the cowpin o aw hierarchy, an we swink for the biggin o a warld-wide clessless society, anarchist-communism.

2. Capitalism is foondit on the exploitation o the workin cless bi the rulin cless.  But iniquity an exploitation kythes in terms o ‘race’, gender, sexuality, heal, ability an age forby, an i thir weys ae pairt o the workin cless dounhauds anither.  This sinders wi, the affcome an inlaik o cless unity in strauchle that siccars the rulin cless.  Dounhauden groups is stelt up wi autonomous action that challenges social an economic pousty relationships.  Tae win at wir goal we maun drap owerance o ilk ither at a personal as weel as political level.

3. We trew that fechtin racism an sexism is as important as ither aspecks o the cless weir.  Anarchist-communism canna be won at whil sexism an racism still exists.  For tae be utile in thair battle conter their dounhaudin baith inwi an outwi the workin cless, weemen, lesbians an gays, bleck fowk micht whiles want guidin efter theirsels.  Houanever this soud be as workin cless fowk as cross-cless movements hides rael cless differences an is wanwordie for thaim.  Ful emancipation canna be achieved withoot that capitalism is abolished.

4. We are opposed til the ideology o naitional liberation movements that claims the’r some common interest atweish the native bosses an the workin cless in the face o fremmit dominion.  We div uphaud workin cless kyauves again racism, genocide, ethnocide, an political an economic colonialism.  We oppose the dounsittin o onie new rulin cless.  The workin cless hes nae kinrik an naitional lanimers buist be owerset.  We seek tae big an anarchist internaitional for tae swink wi ither libertarian revolutionaries oot-thru the warld.

5. Forby exploitin an scomfishin the plurality o shither, capitalism threatens the warld wi weir an the tashin o the environment.

6. It’s no prestable tae cowp capitalism athout a revolution, that will be breirdit ooten cless tulyie.  The rulin cless maun be utterly owergane for tae win at anarchist-communism.  Akis the rulin cless winna relinquish their pousty athout uisin airmed force, this revolution will be a time o violence forby liberation.

7. Unions, ower the heid o their verra naitur, canna be the graith o a revolutionary transformation o society.  They hae tae be acceptit bi capitalism for tae function an syne canna play a pairt in its owerturnin.  Tred unions sinders the workin cless (atwixt employed an unemployed, tred an craft, skilly an unskilled an siclik).  E’en syndicalist unions is hirpled wi the fundamental naitur o unionism.  The union maun can guide its membership for tae mak daels wi managers.  Their ettle, thru negotiation, is tae achieve a fairer furm o exploitation for the labour-force.  The interests o leaders an representative will aye be different fae oors.  The boss cless is oor enemy, an whil we hiv tae fecht for better conditions fae it, we hae tae realize that refurms we coud achieve theday micht be tynt themorra.  Oor hindmaist ettle must be the complete abolition o wauge-thirlage.  Workin athin the unions can nocht ever achieve this.  Housever we divna threap for fowk tae quit unions tae they’’e makkit irrelevant wi the revolutionary event.  The union is a common corse for monie workers.  Rank an file initiatives micht strenthen us in the battle for anarchist-communism.  Whit’s important is that we guide wirsels collectively, threapin for swinkers tae guide their struissles thirsels.

8. Jonick liberation can anely come aboot thru the revolutionary self-action o the swinkin-cless on a mass scale. An anarchist-communist society disna juist mean co-operation atween marras, but fersell involvement in the shapin an creatin o thon society durin an efter the revolution. In times o brulyie an strauchle fowk will hae tae create their ain revolutionary organizations run bi awbody in thaim. Thir auntonomous pairtisays will be outby the owerance o political pairties, an athin thaim we will lairn monie important lessons in self-activity.

9. As anarchists we organize in aw airts o life tae try tae forder the revolutionary process.  We trew a strang anarchist organization is necessar tae help us til thon end.  Unalik ither sae-cawed socialists or communists we divna want pousty or guidance for oor organization.  We recognize that the revolution can anely be cairred oot direckly bi the workin cless.  Houanever, the revolution hes tae be preceded bi organizations able tae convince fowk o the anarchist-communist alternative an method. We jyne in strauchle as anarchist-communists, an organize on a federative basis.  We ort sectarianism an tyauve for a unitit, revolutionary, anarchist movement.

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