About Us


Anarchist Federation (AFed) Scotland is the Scottish groups and members affiliated to the Anarchist Federation of Britain.

As anarchist communists we argue for opposing both capitalism and the state, and aim to contribute to working class self-organisation based on direct democracy, solidarity and direct action.

We are active in grassroots community campaigns and in workplace and union initiatives, and co-operate with other groups on a number of projects.  Online and in our publications – Autonomy the Scottish freesheet, Resistance bulletin, Organise! magazine and several pamhplets – we make the case for anarchist ideas and debate differences in perspective. We also put on regular talks and discussions, film-screenings and socials.

We want a world fit for human beings, based on our needs and creative self-fulfillment, not one with power and wealth in the hands of the few.  But our focus is on making changes here and now that improve working class people’s lives and build a movement from below.


Check out our aims and principles for some of the basic things that define us as an organisation.  And if you’re interested in joining or just want to ask us something, email us.

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